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Sculptures of Gromit the dog attacked in public art vandalism wave

JR Created a Series of Photo-Murals at New York’s Rikers Island Jail

The Met Brings a Monumental Mural (and Hot Mural Painters) to the High Line

“If I die tomorrow, I can at least feel that I have left something real behind” wrote Street Artist Pasha P183, the So-Called “Russian Banksy,” before he passed away at age 29. RIP:

Shepard Fairey and TrustoCorp Dropping Satirical Cereal Boxes in L.A. Grocery Stores

Shepard Fairey Designs Patch for International Space Station Mission

Crash Takes Over Houston Street Mural Space With Giant Popeye Art

Heard It Through the Art Vine: Olek’s Kaleidoscopic Crochet Room at Jonathan LeVine

Invader Trades Vintage Video Games for the Pink Panther in Latest Street Art Mosaic. Click through to see images of Invader creating the piece. 

Street Artist Turns Repeatedly Painted-Over Wall Into a Micro-Fiction Mural

Watch a Beautiful Street Art Mural by ZED1 Decompose

Margaret Kilgallen’s “Natadora” was the top lot yesterday when Doyle New York held the U.S.’s first ever street art auction.

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