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Paddle8 Nets $6 Million From Team of Investors Including Damien Hirst

Hit by Fire, the Heidelberg Project Stands for Detroit’s Resilience

On May 3 we received a series of phone calls informing us that the Obstruction of Justice House, one of the Heidelberg Project’s major monuments, was on fire. Even though the project has been partially destroyed twice before, in 1991 and in 1999, each time by order of the city government, the blaze came as a complete shock. I got there about 8:30 a.m. and the Detroit Fire Department was carefully trying to contain the fire without harming the installation….

The Strange Case of Peter Doig: Art, Lies, and LSD

In the mid-1970s, while taking classes at Thunder Bay’s Lakehead University, an Ontario correctional officer met a runaway Scottish teenager, who had recently left his family in Montreal to find work with a gas drilling company. The youth stopped going to class and found himself at the Thunder Bay Correctional Center for a five-month stay on charges of LSD possession. While interned, he took classes in the center’s fine arts educational program; the same officer, Michael Fletcher, noticed the teenager working on a Surrealist-inspired desert landscape painting, and helped the young expat apply for parole, with Fletcher himself taking on parole officer duties. Inspired to support the youth and see his talents developed, Fletcher bought the then completed 34” by 41” canvas for $100 and found him a job through the Seafarers Union in Thunder Bay. The teenager, Peter Doig, headed off to art school in London in 1979 and would eventually become “Europe’s most expensive artist” (as billed by the Daily Mail), selling a painting this past February for £7.8 million ($12 million)….*Click Photo to Continue Reading*

The Design Writers’ Wishlist: 3 Gems From the ICFF We’d Like to Go Home With

Newcomers to the International Contemporary Furniture Fair could best describe the gargantuan annual trade show as the design world’s fashion week. It’s got booths instead of runways and lasts four days instead of 10, but in many respects, it’s the same party, different crowd. The ICFF swept through New York for the 25th time this weekend with its satellite fairs, furniture fanatics, and cocktail hours in tow, providing the stage for thousands of new designs to make their global debut. And while it’s the innovators that help keep the ICFF relevant, on a purely human level (just as in fashion), it’s the shiny, pretty, comfortable things you want to take home with you. Here are just three of the pieces we fell in love with this weekend….* Click Photo to Continue* 

10 Best Fashion Tumblr Pages

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