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Glenn Kaino’s Balancing Act in Chicago

Kaino “believes that art can change the world, that it has political agency,” he said — but “with a constant struggle for its own relevancy, particularly within the museum and gallery space.” The artist’s Chicago solo exhibition raises interesting questions in this regard: Is a MakerBot-printed rock as efficacious as a real one, hurled at the cops? What is gained (or lost) when politics is mined for aesthetics, and how can the works’ origin story be imparted without coming across as preachy? READ ON


Ryan Jennings Clark

The sculptural works of New york artist Ryan Jennings Clark, like Timeframe 1 (Compact), combine LCD screens, mirrors, light, and video, in this case, footage of the artist continuously painting a line—a meditation on depicting the infinite.

This is a repurposed compact with an LCD video player re-fitted into the top half of the hinged case. The case is propped open like a clamshell and the viewer watches the video as it is reflected into the mirror. The video shows the continuous painting of a horizontal line with vertical hashmarks. The mirror has the symbol of a line with endpoints and hashmarks etched into the surface. The mirror is framed by white plastic that is illuminated with filament bulbs. The sculpture rests on a piece of gloss black acrylic.


VIDEO: Matthew Ritchie’s 10 Possible Links

Matthew Ritchie’s Ten Possible Links” at Andrea Rosen Gallery in Chelsea features paintings, a wall drawing, a sculpture, and a film. Ritchie works with diagrams inspired by the work of philosopher Graham Harman, who he worked with for the past year and a half. 


“David Bowie Is” Documentary Scratches the Surface of Rock’s Cracked Actor

“You can see, here, how closely he controls every visual aspect of what he’s producing,” Broackes explains, pointing to Bowie’s hand-drawn concept art for the back of “Space Oddity” and noting how much it resembles the final product.



Sand mandala at Thikse Monastery, Ladakh, India.

Samsara (2011)

(via flavorpill)

Highlights From EXPO Chicago

The third edition of EXPO Chicago brought a well-rounded and impressive roster of international galleries to the city’s Navy Pier, many of whom weren’t afraid to showcase difficult work. The booths were complemented by Independent Curators International executive director Renaud Proch’s companion program, In/Situ, which brought generally massive sculpture and installations into the space, including a looming tornado of colorful plastic cast-offs by Jessica Stockholder, and a reproduction of Iraq’s Ishtar Gate (using newspaper and commercial packaging) by Michael Rakowitz, who also had a large-scale installation with Chicago-based Rhona Hoffman.



Thanks to all who came out for the opening weekend of Funk, God, Jazz & Medicine: Black Radical Brooklyn! Our for installations by Bradford Young, Xenobia Bailey, Otabenga Jones & Associates, and Simone Leigh are open again this weekend, Friday, Saturday & Sunday 12–6.

Hope to see you there!


Vasya Kolotusha

(via papermagazine)

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