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Frieze London pitches its bespoke tent in Regent’s Park for the 12th iteration of the contemporary art fair, running October 15 through 18, with a roster of more than 160 galleries hailing from Berlin to Tokyo. READ IT VIA ARTINFO.COM

Kate Moss Makes Gun Art


Arman, Long Term Parking (1982).

"Art in the Age of the Anthropocene" at the 2014 Taipei Biennial

Week in Review: From Joan Jonas to JMW Turner, Our Top Stories

— Wendy Vogel talked to US Venice Biennale Rep Joan Jonas about her current HangarBicocca retrospective.

— Martin Gayford reviewed “Late Turner”at the Tate.

— Ashton Cooper interviewed Mickalene Thomas on her foray into bronze sculptures, now on view at Kavi Gupta in Chicago.

— Anneliese Cooper spoke with Kevin Moore, the artistic director of Cincinnati’s FotoFocus Biennial, which opened Friday.

— The University of Texas, Dallas and the Dallas Museum of Art premiered their brand new art history institute.

— In the Air dreamed up five films that Marina Abramovic and Lars Von Trier should make together.

— The Yerba Buena Center for the Arts announced that it would devote an exhibition to the legacy of the Riot Grrrl punk feminist movement.

— The Met opened its ambitious show of Pieter Coecke Van Aelst’s Renaissance tapestries.

— eBay launched a live auction hub with Sotheby’s just in time for the November auctions.

— Craig Hubert reviewed Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Inherent Vice” at the New York Film Festival.

— Patrick Pacheco wrote a tribute for two-time Tony Award winner Geoffrey Holder.

— Reporting from the New York Film Festival, Craig Hubert reviewed Olivier Assayas’s “Clouds of Sils Maria,” starring Juliette Binoche.


This week’s Modern Art Notes Podcast features Alyson Shotz and curator and historian Alessandra Comini. 

Alyson Shotz is the subject of three exhibitions this season. The Wellin Museum of Art at Hamilton College in Clinton, NY is presenting "Alyson Shotz: Force of Nature." The exhibition features several new and site-specific works, including a major wall drawing and a new sculpture called Lemniscate. The Wellin project was curated by Tracy L. Adler, and will be on view through April 5, 2015 before traveling to the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art at the College of Charleston.

Meanwhile, in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood, Shotz is showing more new work in two more shows, one at Derek Eller Gallery and the other at the Carolina Nitsch Project Room. The show at Derek Eller is called ”Time Lapse.” It opens on October 10 and it’ll be on view through November 8. "Topographic Iterations" will be at Carolina Nitsch through November 15. 

This is Shotz’s Allusion of Gravity (2005), which she and host Tyler Green discuss on this week’s program. 

The 2014 MAN Podcast listener survey: Each fall we conduct a listener survey in an effort to learn a little bit more about our audience. Please help keep the MAN Podcast free to download by filling out this year’s survey. We need about 50 more responses. It shouldn’t take much more than three or four minutes, and it helps us out a lot. Thanks. 

How to listen to this week’s show: Listen to or download this week’s program on SoundCloud, via direct-link mp3, or subscribe to The MAN Podcast (for free) at:


Anne Wilson’s ongoing performance piece will be activated this Saturday and Sunday from 12:30-5:30pm. #ThreadLines (at The Drawing Center)

Five Films Marina Abramovic and Lars Von Trier Should Make Together

Yesterday we learned that Marina Abramovic publicly solicited Lars Von Trier to aid her in the creation of “Seven Deaths,” a multi-part film that will chronicle the demise of seven opera singers, with each segment to be helmed by a different director. In her video plea, which she released via Sweden’s public service channel SVT, Abramovic addressed Von Trier directly: “You really bring the actors on the edge of complete nervous breakdowns,” she said. “Because I am a performance artist, I understand very well what you are doing.” Indeed, Von Trier is likely no stranger to performance art, what with speculation that his bombastic press conference statements are more put-on than, say, actual unbridled misogyny; it seems theirs is a match made in a particularly washed-out, unflinching heaven. So, in anticipation of what ought to be the beginning of a beautiful partnership, we’ve dreamed up a few other projects that the dynamic duo might take on.


A down-on-his-luck butcher (Willem Dafoe) falls for one of his female customers (Marina Abramovic), and in an effort to win her heart, locks her in his freezer and drapes her naked body in raw meat as she looks stoically ahead, reveling in the ecstasy of shame amid the carcasses. At some point, Charlotte Gainsbourg arrives, looking troubled.

“Pride & Prejudice”

In the untold tenth circle of Hell, the Prideful (Charlotte Gainsbourg, Catherine Deneuve, Kirsten Dunst) are punished for their mortal sins by crawling through pits of entrails, suffering genital mutilation, and listening to Marina Abramovic talk about her Method. Also starring Shia LaBoeuf as Mr. Darcy.

“Crime Never Sleeps, Or Pays, So Basically, It’s Performance Art”

A straight-laced detective (Marina Abramovic) and a loose-canon renegade (James Franco) have only 24 hours to solve the case of God’s death or face the wrath of their bureau chief, played by a hunk of healing quartz.

“Step Up 6”

Troupes of blind ballerinas compete against one another to see who can learn the most scathingly despairing lessons about the cruelty of mankind. Also, they are naked.

“Christmas in the Carpathians”

Holiday dinners at the Kovačevićs’ never quite go smooth, what with Father’s (Stellan Skaarsgaard) thinly veiled rage regarding his impotence and the looming specter of their young child’s accidental death. But things really take a turn when Mother (Marina Abramovic) burns the roast, carves a pentagram in her stomach, and crucifies herself. Charlotte Gainsbourg looks on, troubled.

— Anneliese Cooper (DawnDavenport) and Ashton Cooper (ashton_cooper)

(Photo: Still from “Antichrist”)

Q&A: Kevin Moore On FotoFocus and Breaking Photography Out of Its Box

A little Joaquin Pheonix for your afternoon viewing…. 

Catch up on Paul Thomas Anderson’s Inherent Vice 

Weaving Pieter Coecke van Aelst’s Tapestries Into the Fabric of Art History

The name Pieter Coecke van Aelst, though plenty illustrious-sounding, is not widely known — or at least, according to the curators behind his current exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, not nearly as well known as it ought to be…


(via papermagazine)

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